Made with High-Quality Protein


No Artificial Ingredients


Gluten Free


No Artificial Flavours or Colours


Veterinary Approved


GM Free

Why would I choose Ubo Multi-Protein?


We’re delighted to be able to add the delicious Ubo Multi-Protein to our Dog Food range which benefits from a variety of high quality protein sources.  This range provides a selection of hypoallergenic receipes formulated with common food allergens suffered by dogs.  Ubo Multi-Protein contains Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.  There are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are naturally preserved using rosemary extract.  They also contain vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system.


What's in Ubo Multi-Protein?

Only human-grade quality raw and fresh meats well as fresh vegetables are used in our  recipes.  It’s cooked at a lower temperature to preserve all that goodness, delicious smell and flavour for your dog.

What about my Puppy?


We have a number of delicious flavours for your pups and the small kibble is just right for them.  As they grow we also provide food for large breed puppies.  All of this helps them get a great start in life.

Why do puppies need a special recipe?


Puppies require an appropriate high level of protein to support growth and development through this crucial phase in life.

This is usually higher than an adult’s requirement as this is the fastest development phase within a dog’s lifetime.  During this phase, they also require an appropriate and controlled Calcium and Phosphorus level to ensure correct bone development which is especially important for large breed puppies.

The puppy feeding guide follows the growth curve.  As puppies grow, they require more food to meet the higher energy demands during growth.  This requirement reduces when they begin to reach their adult life stage and are therefore fed less.  If they continued to eat the same amount of food required for puppy growth in their adult stage, they would be overfed and potentially put on weight.

Puppy feeding guides are based on the expected adult weight of a puppy in order to provide a more accurate feeding recommendation.  If the feeding recommendation was based purely on the current puppy weight – the breed sized, age and growth phase would be unknown, making estimations of the feeding requirement unreliable.

The feeding level is enough to provide optimal nutrition for a young dog, without supplying excess nutrition to cause weight gain or cause young dogs to be hyperactive.

What about my elderly dog?


As our dog’s age, their appetites can decrease along with their zest for life.  Our specially prepared range for our senior dogs is gentle on their stomach and with delicious flavours to entice them.

Our Senior & Light recipes are designed to be suitable for those dogs over 7 years old.  A senior diet is designed to help support the joints, have higher fibre content in order to help “keep things moving” and have reduced energy content in order to help prevent weight gain in those golden years.

What if my dog needs to lose a bit of weight?


We’ve all been there and sometimes, our beloved pooches may be carrying a little more weight than they need to.  Our light range is just perfect for them and by following the feeding guide they should be back to a weight your vet will be delighted with.

Our light recipes are lower in fat compared to standard adult products in order to aid weight reduction.  As it is the calories that are reduced, this does not mean that a pet has to eat less, they can still consume a normal amount of food.