Natural Treats & Chews (Adult Dogs)


Thirty hand-picked treats for your dog, chosen by us! 100% natural, single-ingredient products, additive-free and packed with protein.

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  • 2x Chicken Feet
  • 1x Pigs Ear
  • 1x Filled Hoof
  • 1x Goat Ear
  • 1x Black Pudding Stick
  • 1x Tripe Stick
  • 3x Chicken Sausages
  • 2x Pig Snouts
  • 2x Beef Hides
  • 2x Hairy Rabbit Ear
  • 3x Venison Strip
  • 2x Oxtail
  • 3x Garlic Sausage
  • 3x Wild Boar Strip
  • 1x Ostrich Kebab
  • 1x Cow Ear
  • 1x Duck Neck


** If we are out of stock of anything, we will replace it with a higher value item.

Nutrional Information

If you would like further nutritional information on any of the products, please contact us on